This project consists of a new high voltage substation, and a renovation to the existing pump station facility.  

The pumping facility renovation includes new pumps, variable frequency drives and related work. Site civil works, including site preparation and grading, roads and parking lot, hard and soft landscaping, fencing and gates, and overall site restoration.  

The new high voltage substation replaces the aging existing substation. The work incorporates the upgrade of the pumps within the pump station and the
associated electrical work. The new substation is designed for operation at 72 kV and future operation at 138 kV. The substation incorporates a new
incoming isolation switch, grounding switch, two redundant transformers and associated breakers. Once the new substation is commissioned and all loads have
been transferred to it, the existing substation will be taken out of service, decommissioned and the equipment salvaged. A new 4160 V distribution switchgear
to provide feeds to the drives for the new pumps, and to re-feed some of the existing starters for the existing pumps within the lake pump station.  For emergency purposes, the new distribution switchgear will be backed by parallel operated generation systems. Modifications to some of the existing lake pump station distribution equipment is required to facilitate the removal of some existing pumps and upgrades to other pumps.

Client Name:
Buffalo Pound Water Treatment Corporation

AECOM Canada Ltd.

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Stipulated Price

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Buffalo Pound, SK