The scope of work on this project includes a 600 ML/d pumping station located on the water treatment plant property, adjoining the existing filter building.  Project includes: a new 45 m x 25 m steel super structure founded on cast-in-place concrete walls supported on a concrete raft foundation and piles; substructure fore-bay and 2 trench style pump wells each containing 2 x 150 ML/d vertical turbine pumps and associated piping, instruments and valves; medium voltage and low voltage electrical rooms; standby generators; an overhead crane; installation of 2 new 1200 mm discharge pipes connecting to 2 existing transfer lines to the UV disinfection facility and Avenue H Reservoir; installation of 2 new gravity transfer lines from the 1964 Filter Plant clearwell to the pump station forebays; and various other clearwell interconnections and piping. Additional work includes major electrical upgrades and cathodic protection installation at four locations. Demolition of the existing Maintenance Building and demolition of abandoned concrete underground tunnels and chemical storage facility completes the project.

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City of Saskatoon

Associated Engineering (Sask) Ltd.

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